Tree Removal and Land Clearing Glastonbury CT

Tree Stump Grinding - East Hartford CT, Manchester CT, Glastonbury CT

Tree stumps take years to rot – The fastest way to make your yard look great is to have tree stumps professionally removed. At New England Tree Experts we are Tree Stumping Experts. We have special equipment for grinding a tree stump and be able to hit the roots so that your lawn will grow back beautifully.

Tree stump grinding is done with special machinery that grinds the whole stump and eliminates it from your property immediately instead of having to wait years for it to decay on its own.

Grinding the stump is the safest, most efficient way. Grinding does less damage to the surrounding area compared to pulling the stump. Grinding is done with one of our stump grinding machines and a skilled operator. The stump is ground into wood chips and contained in the area by our system of guards and tarps. We then offer to clean-up the debris and install topsoil, grass seed and straw in place of that undesirable stump, leaving you with one less obstacle to mow around and one less trip hazard.