tick control lyme ct, old lyme ct, east lyme ctCall New England Tree Experts for tick control Essex CT, Old Saybrook CT, Westbrook CT. Spring had barely arrived when we started getting calls asking if there is anything we can do about tick control and eradication in southern Connecticut. Though we are licensed arborists, we are fully experienced in significantly reducing the tick population around your yard. Early this year the State of Connecticut warned about the high number of ticks we can expect to see this season. Connecticut had a mild winter and a bumper crop of white-footed mice, one of many small animals that host these pesky arachnids. So we welcome the mild weather, step outside to clean up the yard and gardens, get the kids outdoors in the sunshine- and now you are the next potential meal for the hungry ticks lying in wait all over your yard. The bad news is that many more of these insidious creatures have been testing positive for the bacterium that causes Lyme Disease.

Your neighbor Lyme Connecticut is where the spirochete was discovered that causes the debilitating symptoms of this dread disease. Ticks are external parasites that feed on the blood of their hosts- and they don’t seem to be particularly fussy about what they attach to. If that weren’t bad enough, they spread serious diseases that can debilitate or kill their host.

We have all heard the advice a hundred times – how to dress when outdoors, what repellents are effective, avoid trekking through fields and check everyone several times per day. State health officials will tell you to wear light colored clothing, pull socks up over your trousers and inspect your body, use an insect repellent, and remove them safely and quickly when they embed themselves in your skin. These measures may stop some ticks from making contact with your skin, but does nothing to kill them. The nymphal tick bodies are tinier than a freckle and get into your home unnoticed on your pets, your clothes, and on your child’s toys. Until they begin to fill up on your blood, you will neither feel them nor see them. We know you are concerned about the disease ticks carry and understand it is not possible to shut your pets and children indoors.

New England Tree Experts Kill Ticks Where They Live…

At New England Tree Experts, we believe that the only good tick is a dead tick. The deer tick feeds on white tailed deer, the white footed mouse, chipmunks, squirrels and birds. They happily hitch a ride on their hosts until they drop onto you. They will lie in wait in a moist shady spot until you, your pet, or your child happen by. New England Tree Expert will help eliminate ticks on your property where they live, treating the periphery of your lawn, shrubs and stone walls. New England Tree Experts will set up a treatment schedule to keep ticks at bay so your family may enjoy the warm weather out of doors without worry. Call us for an estimate today at 860-558-3650.

Tick Control in Southern Connecticut

New England Tree Experts’ experienced arborists will spray your yard to control ticks and eliminate them at the source. Call New England Tree Experts today at 860-558-3650. The service area for our tick control includes Connecticut towns:
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