New England Tree Experts is your premier tree service Hartford County CT. Connecticut trees are under assault from serious caterpillar damage this season, and our mature trees are at risk. New England Tree will inspect your trees and recommend treatment or removal. Clients ask us to determine whether the mature trees on their property are in good health. Healthy trees are able to fend off disease and pests, and some species are more at risk for damage than others. The rule of thumb for caring for healthy mature trees on your property is to give them space and leave them alone.

Mature trees may require occasional trimming of dead or broken branches, trimming of suckers at the base of the trunk, and trimming any branches that rub against others. Young specimen trees, flowering trees, fruit trees will do better when mulched, as it allows moisture to remain in the soil and suppresses weed growth. Young trees benefit from additional fertilizing and watering, but mature trees will do fine on their own. Inspect your trees for insect damage and disease, and do not be afraid to call in the professional Tree Experts from New England Tree to assess tree health. We provide advice to manage your trees and will fully inform you of your options should removal be recommended.

Safe Tree Removal

Diseased or damaged trees must be safely removed from your land. Our specialty is large tree removal, New England Tree Experts has the special heavy equipment to do the job safely and efficiently. For over four decades, New England Tree Experts has earned the trust of hundreds of clients in the greater Hartford CT area. For expert tree clearing or land clearing projects, we serve municipalities and commercial or residential property owners. New England Tree Experts is fully licensed and insured for the protection of our customers. The New England Tree Team safely and expertly clears trees and vegetation from paths and various rights of way using the best heavy equipment available. We are licensed and fully insured. Call the Tree Experts from New England Tree today at (860) 558-3650.

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