When you need the best Glastonbury CT tree removal, stump removal, land clearing company, call us. We are New England Tree Experts. After a 43 year track record, would you be impressed with a company that has never filed a single insurance claim? In Glastonbury and surrounding Connecticut towns, the premier tree removal and maintenance service is New England Tree Service. The professional arborists at New England Tree provide tree removal services, stump removal and land clearing to homeowners, municipalities and commercial clients.

Our specialists will inspect the trees on your property for overall health and contribute to landscape aesthetics, determine which branches and limbs should be removed, or if pruning and trimming might curtail limb breakage and improve overall stability. New England Tree will assess the health of your trees, inspecting for insect damage, disease, and overall soundness, and will advise removal of the tree when warranted. New England Tree Experts specialize in large tree removal. We will completely remove your large trees, then grind the remaining stump down to below soil level. In addition to looking after the health of your trees, New England Tree also offers land clearing services in the Glastonbury and East Hartford CT area.

New England Tree Service is fully licensed and insured. We offer 24 hour storm service in the greater Hartford CT area. We look forward to earning your business! Call the Connecticut Tree Removal Team from New England Tree today at (860) 558-3650.

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