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A Bad Year for Gypsy Moths

Call New England Tree Experts for gypsy moth control Essex CT, Old Saybrook CT, Westbrook CT. Gypsy Moth Control is on everybody’s mind today! In Middlesex County Connecticut we are bracing for another bad year for gypsy moth caterpillars. These insidious creatures are out in full force this week and your trees are at risk. You need a licensed and experienced arborist to safely spray  your trees to protect them from the ravages of the gypsy moth caterpillar. This spring the gypsy moth caterpillars have declared open season on our forests. The larvae will begin to feed on your leafy hardwoods. Oak, maple, apple, birch, poplar, willow, and alder are most frequently attacked. Older caterpillars will also attack evergreens like pines and spruces.

The Spring 2017 gypsy moth caterpillars hatched the last week of April. These hungry larvae feed on your deciduous trees, weakening the trees’ ability to turn sunlight into nourishment. A complete defoliation severely weakens the trees, and can leave them vulnerable to attack by other pests. The caterpillars seem to ‘fly’ through the air, transported on silken thread from one place to another. The long hairy spicules help keep the larvae aloft, and they may be transported for miles in storms. The eggs of the gypsy moths are laid on dead wood. Firewood is a vector for the spread of the gypsy moth eggs. These pesky larvae will climb up anything that gets in their way in search of a meal: telephone poles, houses, cars and people! Is it too late to stop these creatures from spreading? New England Tree Experts can answer this and all questions about gypsy moth control.


New England Tree Experts’ experienced arborists will spray your trees to control gypsy moth caterpillars and the damage they do to your trees. Call New England Tree Experts today at 860-558-3650. The service area for our gypsy moth control includes Connecticut towns:
Madison CT, Guilford CT, Clinton CT, Essex CT, Old Saybrook CT, Westbrook CT, Old Lyme CT, Lyme CT , East Lyme CT, Colchester CT , Hebron CT, Glastonbury CT, Farmington CT, Avon CT, Simsbury CT

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