tick controlCall New England Tree Experts for tick control Farmington CT, Avon CT, Simsbury CT. New England Tree Experts are receiving a high number of calls this spring from concerned homeowners asking about tick control due to the abundance of ticks being found around their homes. Early in the season the State of Connecticut reported that we would be seeing a high number of ticks this season. Last winter’s mild Connecticut winter and greater numbers of white-footed mice contributed to this tick population explosion. So this spring we welcome the mild weather, step outside to clean up the yard and gardens, get the kids outdoors in the sunshine- and now you are the next potential meal for the hungry ticks lying in wait all over your yard.
State health officials recommend you use insect repellents containing DEET, wear light colored clothing, long pants, white socks pulled up over the pantlegs. That’s a great idea if you are gardening, but your children are not going to cover up while playing outdoors.

New England Tree Experts Kill Ticks Where They Live…

The old adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” applies to tick control. New England Tree believes the only good tick is a dead tick. The deer tick feeds on white tailed deer, the white footed mouse, chipmunks, squirrels and birds. They happily hitch a ride on their hosts until their next host happens by. They will lie in wait in a moist shady spot until you, your pet, or your child pick them up and carry them into your home. New England Tree Experts will help eliminate ticks on your property where they live, treating the periphery of your lawn, shrubs and stone walls.

Tick Control in Central Connecticut

New England Tree Experts’ experienced arborists will spray your yard to control ticks and eliminate them at the source. Call New England Tree Experts today at 860-558-3650. The service area for our tick control includes Connecticut towns:
Madison CT, Guilford CT, Clinton CT, Essex CT, Old Saybrook CT, Westbrook CT, Old Lyme CT, Lyme CT , East Lyme CT, Colchester CT , Hebron CT, Glastonbury CT, Farmington CT, Avon CT, Simsbury CT

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