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Glastonbury CT advantages of winter tree pruning.

Looking for tree pruning Glastonbury CT, East Hartford, Manchester CT? New England Tree Experts would like to remind home and business owners that the winter season is the best time to safely prune trees. In winter, after all the leaves have fallen from the limbs, your trees go dormant. Precision pruning during a tree’s dormancy is much easier due to improved visibility, the limbs being removed are less bulky and easier to handle. Pruning back trees near power lines in the interest of storm readiness can prevent limb breakage which damages your tree and brings down cables and wires. Trees that are trimmed back in the dormant winter period heal and recover more quickly the following spring. New England Tree Experts are a locally owned and trusted company ready to help with any tree service you may need. We are always on call in any emergency situation that may arise. Let us keep your trees healthy and maintained. Call 860-558-3650.

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